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Baby editor Amy in 2002, world-wise editor Amy in 2021


In 2002, Knitty freaked people out. We published the first issue of our online knitting magazine when there was nothing else like it on the internet. It was completely free, and it didn’t stink. In fact, it was pretty good and it surprised a lot of people. I created Knitty to collect knitting talent from all over the web and publish it in one professionally run magazine where it would be properly edited, showcased and get the recognition it deserved from knitters worldwide.

And that’s what we’ve continued to do, for the last 20 years: seek out and publish amazing knitting patterns, encourage and expose more inspiring work from budding knitwear designers, share great patterns from names you already know and love, and showcase great knitting yarns and products. We have helped launch the careers of some of the most talented people in handknitting design. As more and more people have become designers thanks to the ease with which they can self publish their work, we continue to bring the brightest and best to your attention, helping them stand out and get the notice they deserve. 

Many of the most legendary internet-instigated knitting patterns and techniques found their audience through our pages: the iconic Clapotis, the mind-blowing Skew sock, the inspiring Lizard Ridge blanket, and the body parts we love to knit – the Womb, the cute and cuddly reproductive organ; and Tit-Bits, a functional solution for those who have lost one or both breasts. And so many more… 

We switched from an advertising-supported model in 2015 to one that’s reader supported, because advertising wasn’t able to pay our bills any longer. Thanks to reader support, we’re still here, alive and thriving. In fact, we’ve been able to give our staff and contributors a long-overdue raise to a much fairer level of compensation, which we continue to be able to maintain. We were also able to launch (in our First Fall 2016 issue) a brand-new version of the Knitty site, designed to work with smartphones and tablets of all sizes. This Responsive redesign was a major overhaul of the site, and reader support made it possible. We also reduced our ad prices to give small fiber businesses a break, and created $10 biz card ads so almost everyone can share their wares with our readers.

We are proud of our role in the online knitting world and we want to continue to uphold that mission for the benefit of readers like you, and the designers, patterns and knitting products you’ve yet to see. In order to do that, we need your support. In fact, we can’t do it without you.

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