How does Knitty.Me[mbership] work?

Since 2016, Knitty has been brought to you buy our readers, through Patreon. This support has brought financial stability to Knitty and we’re so grateful!

We’ve been asked for other ways to support Knitty for people who don’t want to use Patreon, and so here it is! Welcome to our Knitty.Me[mbership] page (powered by Memberful). Here’s how this site works:

  1. Go to our BECOME A MEMBER page
  2. Click a pledge link
  3. A credit-card payment window (powered by Stripe) opens up
  4. Fill in the details
  5. Click the big blue button at the bottom
  6. Stripe will process your first pledge and send the funds directly to Knitty
  7. Every 3 months after that, it will automatically process the same amount
  8. That’s it!

Knitty.Me[mbership] is the simplest way to support Knitty*. Based on feedback from Knitty Patrons who wanted us to keep it simple, it’s swag free over here. (If you’d like swag, we’re happy to provide! Just join us at Patreon.)

For those who wanted to see the hard numbers, aka what does Knitty receive when I pledge here vs Patreon:


 (2.9% + 30¢ per charge to Stripe; $25/month to Memberful)


 (per pledge: 5% to Patreon; 2.9% + 30¢ to Paypal; $20 to transfer funds to Knitty)
Knitty receives
Knitty receives
$2 $1.64 $2 $1.54
$5 $4.55 $5 $4.31
$10 $9.41 $12 $10.77
$15 $14.26 $20 $22.76
$20 $19.12 $50 $45.82
$25 $23.97 $100 $91.95

*Unlike Patreon, your Membership pledge is automated and will come out every 3 months starting with the day you pledge. Why every 3 months? Knitty publishes a new issue every 3 months. For example, if you join on Dec 21, your next pledge will be charged on Mar 21. Make sense?

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